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Blink Treatment Programmes

For Mental Health, Addiction and Wellbeing

Offering bespoke, private and discreet mental health and addiction support to individuals, professionals, couples and organizations.

Welcome to Blink 

At Blink Integrative Mental Health & Consulting, we believe that creating positive mental health and wellbeing is essential to living a fulfilling and balanced life. We offer individual and workplace mental health services, along with professional support, to help people create balance that works for them.

We believe in providing personalized and comprehensive care that is tailored to each individual’s needs. From group sessions to individual counseling, and workshops. We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build resilience, increase productivity, and create meaningful impact in their lives and work.

Blowing the seeds off a dandelion.

A  Place to Come, A Place to Become

Why Blink

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Our Service enables individuals, professionals and organizations to thrive and achieve balance.

Our Service enables individuals, professionals and organizations to thrive and achieve balance.

We put our clients, and their experience at the centre 

We provide customized service

We provide creative and innovative solutions

Mental Health Support, Consulting and Training

We work across various sectors, including healthcare, sports, and corporations, to enhance individual, team and organizational mental health and well-being.

Our services range from individual support, assessments and workshops to program evaluations. We can also assist in the creation of addiction and mental wellness policies. Our expertise in frontline mental health services ensures that we provide the most effective and innovative practices available

The Values We Bring


Our commitment lies in collaborating with our clients to achieve outcomes that truly matter to them.

Responsive Engagement

We strive to engage with our clients in a responsive and attentive manner to enhance their lives and workplaces. We understand that each person's experience is distinct and requires an individualized approach.

Excellence & Innovation

At our core, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support. We strive for excellence and innovation in every service we offer, ensuring that each one meets our high standards of quality.

Supporting Clients

We strive to enhance our clients' experience of voice and choice. We value each individual and aim to understand the strengths of teams and organizations to provide tailored support.

Executive mental well being.

Executive Mental Well Being

Build Your Leadership Resilience

Experience excellence with us.

Experience Excellence with us.


Tailored & Private Mental Health and  Addiction Services for Physicians

Life coaching

Nurturing Growth, Providing Support,
Building Confidence and  Facilitating Change

Create the partnership you desire.

Create the Partnership You Desire


“The therapist at Blink helped me understand and embrace my emotions. she was very understanding and listened to my concerns without any judgment.” 
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