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Re-FOCUS Addiction Treatment

Blink Integrative Mental Health & Consulting offers premium outpatient care to those struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs. In most treatment centres, addiction is treated using the 12-step model, but at Blink Integrative, we take a different approach. We recognize that the 12-step program works for many people but it is founded on the principles of modesty, surrender,  and sharing your experiences in a group setting. For many people, these principles are obstacles to treatment. For example, doctors or executives struggle to share their experiences in a group setting for fear of repercussions. Other clients struggle with anxiety.


Not every person responds positively to the same program and what works for one client may not work for another. Therefore, we offer personalized treatment. Our comprehensive assessment process and resilience 360 approach ensures that we effectively design the most suitable recovery treatment plan tailored to your needs. We help you find the balance and support you need to live your best life. Discover the difference our compassionate care can make today.



Re-FOCUS Addiction Program

We provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment to support individuals suffering from alcohol addiction and provide comprehensive assessments. We understand that addiction can have many different pathways and recognize that some reasons people develop a relationship with alcohol are coping strategies in response to trauma, workplace demands, financial stress, relational challenges, and disillusionment with self and others.

We offer intensive therapy, workshop as needed,  tools and resources to help you make sustainable changes. Additionally, we recommend complementary therapies based on the information from your assessment, such as yoga, restorative care, meditation, and acupuncture, to help address your concerns holistically.


We understand that overcoming drug addiction can be a challenging process. Our drug addiction treatment services provide a comprehensive assessment to help people understand why they developed an addiction in the first place. People develop drug addictions for many reasons, such as environmental factors, mental health issues, and a lack of coping skills. Our services offer tailored therapies and treatments to help individuals work through the underlying causes of their addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms. We offer intensive individual therapy and workshops and provide the necessary tools to help you address your individual needs in a safe and supportive environment. 


Additionally, we recommend complementary therapies based on the information from your assessment, such as yoga, restorative care, meditation, and art therapy, to help address your concerns and improve the quality of your life.


Re-FOCUS Addiction Program

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Find Hope in Recovery from Addiction

  • Connection to your mind-body-spirit

  • Stop self-medicating

  • Increased overall wellness and life balance

  • Open to new beginning for a journey with your best self, restored joy and excitement for better choices in your future

  • Manage triggers inside 

  • Participating in monitoring program

  • Establishing continued aftercare

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Resilience 360

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