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Executive Mental Health Program


Discover the Comprehensive Program for Executives at Blink

Executives tend to work long hours, travel extensively, and are subject to stress. 

Their  mental health is critical to good decision making, so a comprehensive, proactive mental well-being  plan is a sound investment. Our Executive Wellness program is designed to help executives overcome a range of challenges so they can perform at their best. We use our unique resilience 360 approach to create a personalized mental wellness plan that helps our clients achieve balance and regain control of their lives. Clients facing, for example, burnout, mental exhaustion, addiction, high work demand, communication challenges or other work related stress find our private, safe, and tailored treatments helpful maintaining confidentiality while providing to renew their mental well-being.

Investing in Your Executive is good business

Executive Mental Health Benefits

By investing in your executive’s mental health, you offer:

Improved Leadership: Mentally healthy executives  lead more effectively, make better decisions, communicate better, and inspire their teams with their vitality and well-being.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Executives with good mental health are better equipped to handle complex challenges and the stress to make well-informed decisions.

Assertive Communication: Mentally healthy executives are more grounded, regulate themselves, communicate assertively, and have better interpersonal skills. 

Increased Productivity: Better mental health leads to calmness and improved focus, and concentration resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Positive Organizational Culture: Promoting mental health among executives sets a positive example, fostering a healthier workplace culture thus making it safer for employees to discuss mental health and wellbeing.

Enhanced Resilience Capacity: Better mental health leads to leaders who have the ability to recover quickly from change, hardship, or misfortune. They are able to:

  • Maintain emotional equilibrium and their composure under stress

  • When upset, do not agitate others by spreading tension and anxiety

  • Tolerate ambiguity or uncertainty and adapt readily to new situations

Better Work-Life Balance: Executives who take care of their mental health are more likely to have a healthier work-life balance for themselves and their teams.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrating care for your executives’ mental health aligns with the principles of CSR 

The cost of losing one of your executives or taking their mental health and wellbeing can be significant, and can include impacts on your bottom line, company culture, and succession planning.

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Our program includes personalized mental health  consultations, assessments and planning to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our executive packages can be customized to any company or executive. Our executive health program includes rapid access to mental health or addiction services.Please contact us for a custom corporate package and rates 

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